American Windows is also a roof replacement specialist. We offer a full range of shingles and products to meet your roofing needs. Our installation crews are reliable, honest, and hardworking and we fully guarantee all of our work. We offer CT25 shingles and Landmark dimensional shingles.

XT™25 Shingles

XT™25 Shingles
XT™25 gives your home better protection than any other shingle in its product class. Thanks to a tough fiberglass base, XT™25 is extra resistant to wind stress to help prevent tearing and blow-off. And extra asphalt makes it a more durable shingle compared to basic three-tab strip shingles. Learn more…

Our Promise to You

As part of every roofing installation project we will:

  • inspect roof deck for rotted/damaged wood.
  • completely waterproof your roof area
  • install a drip edge and ice shield to protect your home
  • flash all necessary areas
  • install proper venting and pipe vents
  • install premium grade asphalt/fiberglass shingles

Landmark™ TL Shingles

Landmark™ TL Shingles
Landmark TL combine the timeless appearance of wood shakes with the assurance of one of the thickest and most durably constructed shingles made. With its layered construction and dimensional styling, Landmark TL is as warm an inviting to the eye as wood. Learn more…

Roofing Brochures

Browse our roofing brochures from top brand-named manufacturers like Certainteed XT25, Landmark Dimensional Shingles, and GAF to review roofing types, styles, and options and to get roof design ideas.

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