Popular Replacement Window Styles in MD, DC, & Northern VA

If you’re thinking about new windows or window replacement in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia, you’ll need to consider what the best window style is for your particular home. There are many different styles of windows, each designed for its own particular application. What works in one room or situation may not be right for another room. Continue reading

Gutter Replacement: Do I Really Need New Gutters?

Here in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland where we receive an average to above-average rainfall (and hail, sleet, or snow), there are a myriad of reasons why homeowners should consider replacing their old rain gutters (or installing new guttering).  The annual precipitation we receive here, though not torrential, is enough to cause serious damage if it is not correctly managed.  If you are considering new gutters, gutter protection, gutter guards, or a complete gutter system replacement, there are several factors you will want to consider as you make you assess your home guttering needs. Continue reading

Roof Replacement: Six Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Roof

How Can I Tell if My Roof Needs to be Replaced?

Here at American Windows & Siding of VA, Inc., we frequently get phone calls and emails from homeowners asking how they can tell if they need a new roof. It’s actually an excellent question because sometimes the difference between needing a simple repair, and needing a new roofing system is a fine line. Being able to discern this issue correctly in either case can save thousands of dollars. Continue reading

Making the Best Use of Exterior Doors

Entry Door Replacement: Comparing Steel vs. Fiberglass

With so many different types of exterior doors available to homeowners today, it is worth taking some time to discuss the various options and how to make best use of them in your home in the Fairfax, Northern Virginia, and Maryland markets. Just because your house currently has traditional hinged swing doors doesn’t mean you can’t replace some of those old doors with newer designs to open up, lighten, brighten and beautify your home. Continue reading

Siding Replacement: Vinyl Siding or Fiber Cement Siding?

Siding Replacement: Comparing Vinyl Siding to Fiber Cement Siding

A Comparison Between Vinyl Siding and James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Here at American Windows & Siding of VA, Inc., we often have customers ask us what type of siding we recommend for their home. We offer several types of vinyl siding as well as fiber cement siding and homeowners are often unsure of which type is right for their particular siding replacement project. Continue reading

Replacing Windows: How Do I Know It’s Time?

Replacing Windows - How Do I Know It's Time

Replacing windows is an endeavor that just about every homeowner will experience sooner or later. Considering the number of newer homes in the Northern Virginia to Maryland corridor that are delivered with contractor grade windows, it’s no surprise that window replacement is one of the top home projects in Fairfax, Alexandria, and Springfield. That’s why one of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “How do I know when it’s time to replace my windows?”  Continue reading