NFRC: National Fenestration Rating Council

NFRC Rating

National Fenestration Rating Council ®

NFRC, the National Fenestration Rating Council ®, is a non-profit organization that administers the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows, doors, and skylights. The NFRC rating allows you to compare the energy efficiency of products from different manufacturers.

Under the NFRC program, windows, doors, and skylights – otherwise known as fenestration products – are independently tested, certified, and labeled. The NFRC label does not recommend which products to buy. It simply provides you with information on how the product will perform so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

The NFRC label provides information on how a window performs. The two most important energy ratings are U-factor and Solar Heat Gain. By reviewing the label information, consumers can make an informed choice about the product that is best for their individual situation.

Pella NFRC Rating

NFRC Rating: Pella

Vytex NFRC Ratings

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Vytex NFRC Ratings

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Vytex NFRC Ratings

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Fiberglass NFRC Rating

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