Alside Sliding Glass Doors

Alside Sliding Glass Doors

We know sliding glass doors…

We know sliding glass doors – and we believe the Alside door is the most reliable and energy efficient on the market. With the option to include RoyalView™ Mini Blinds, Alside offers an unbeatable combination of optimal strength and ethereal beauty. The Alside 1000 series vinyl patio door:

  • Is built in Canada to handle the most extreme weather conditions
  • Features a vinyl-clad wood frame and steel reinforced door panels to keep the door square and strong (most vinyl doors have hollow vinyl construction)
  • Has 7/8-inch insulated tempered glass to keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Can include Low E glass and Argon gas to optimize your energy savings.


  1. Vinyl and wood frame components are fused together for optimum strength.
  2. Self-lubricating (nylon or metal) tandem panel rollers provide smooth gliding action.
  3. Contoured bumper brackets secure fixed panel, and are the active panel stops.
  4. All exposed aluminum is anodized to prevent corrosion.
  5. Plain stiles and interlocks are steel reinforced. Lock stiles are aluminum reinforced.
  6. Sash panels are co-extruded with dual durometer flex P.V.C. which surrounds the entire 7/8″ thick I.G. unit for optimum seal and added strength and are field reversible.
  7. Specially designed drainage system to prevent water from being trapped under I.G. unit.
  8. Exclusive nylon screen roller system with an independent suspension at all four corners is designed with a side adjustment screw for easy leveling. Each individ- ual wheel is precision-machined using a highly tensile strength plastic material called Delrin®.
  9. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen frame with nylon mesh, is designed for easy removal.

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RoyalView™ Blinds

RoyalView™ Mini Blinds

These blinds are placed within the clear, insulated glass unit, providing you with a long-lasting sleek appearance and less dust accumulation. Their precision technology allows you effortless control over privacy and light levels in your home. Learn more…

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