Premium Vinyl Soffit

Premium Vinyl Soffit

Superior beauty… outstanding dependability.

Charter Oak Soffit

Charter Oak premium vinyl soffit combines the beauty and performance of wood with the durability and easy-care convenience of vinyl. It offers unparalleled beauty, superior rigidity, outstanding dependability, and low maintenance for easy-care convenience … along with a wide array of color palettes for your home:

  • Premium beauty
    The look of custom-milled soffit has gently rounded “board” edges and an elegant 3 1/3″ exposure width. Its finely textured, low-gloss finish looks and feels like painted wood and has deep, realistic shadow lines.
  • Superior rigidity
    Charter Oak is the only vinyl soffit on the market featuring the Tri Beam™ design. Its superior rigidity keeps Charter Oak panels flat and level like solid wood soffit. It’s beauty ordinary vinyl soffit can’t provide.
  • Outstanding dependability
    Wood soffit looks good, but it can warp and rot after exposure to dampness normally found at eaves and porch ceilings. Charter Oak soffit is made with weather-resistant vinyl, so rain and humidity don’t cause problems.
  • Easy-care convenience
    Dampness also produces a tough cleanup problem — mold and mildew stains. But with Charter Oak, you just wash panels occasionally with a garden hose to restore their like-new beauty. No more sanding, staining or painting.
  • Beautiful ventilation
    Aeration openings are hidden deep in the grooves of Charter Oak soffit panels. This means exceptional beauty . . . plus the continuous air flow needed to keep attics cool and dry.

Colors are approximate and not all colors are available in all areas. Please see your American Windows & Siding representative for actual color swatches.

Color Palettes

Charter Oak soffit offers a rich palette of colors with a low-gloss finish that looks like wood:

Charter Oak Vinyl Soffit Color Palette
Charter Oak Soffit Color Palette
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Or for exceptional distinction, choose from the ultra-premium colors that make up the exclusive Architectural Color Collection:

Charter Oak Vinyl Soffit Architectural Color Palette
Architectural Color Collection
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