AFR38 Fanfold Reflective Underlayment

AFR38 Fanfold Reflective Underlayment

Superior resistance to moisture and humidity…

The Platinum Series Insulation™ AFR38 all-plastic fanfold reflective underlayment is installed under new siding. Its superior resistance to moisture and humidity helps prevent warping, crumbling, and delamination. AFR38 also increases energy efficiency thanks to the proven long-term R-value of extruded polystyrene foam.

AFR38 offers high performance.

  • Reflective facer – offers enhanced thermal performance.
  • Lies flat – clear, plastic film laminate provides strength at the “cut-and-fold” hinge, so the panel lies flat against the wall.
  • Moisture vapor escapes – entire panel is perforated, so water vapor is not trapped behind the panel.
  • Tough and durable – highly resistant to cracking, denting, and tearing
  • Low moisture absorption – does not hold water and retains tru R-value long term.

AFR38 Specifications

AFR38 Fanfold Reflective Underlayment Specifications
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AFR38 Fanfold Reflective Underlayment Cross-Section