Charter Oak Energy Elite

Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding

For a home that’s maintenance-free on the outside, energy-efficient on the inside…

Charter Oak Energy Elite wraps a thermal blanket snugly around your home. It delivers up to four times the “R”-value of conventional siding – and can reduce your energy bills as much as 20%.

This premium insulated siding is custom-fitted to your home on site, eliminating the need for gluing or laminating in the manufacturing process. So Charter Oak Energy Elite fits snugly, but the vinyl and insulating layers are free to move and expand, reducing the potential for warping or binding. This premium siding

  • insulates your home from extremes of heat and cold
  • offers industry-leading protection from fading in the sun
  • resists scratches, dings, and damage from hail
  • can withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds, based on independent testing
  • provides superior breathability for performance in wet climates

Colors are approximate and not all colors are available in all areas. Please see your American Windows & Siding representative for actual color swatches.

Color Collections

Charter Oak Energy Elite offers a rich palette of 14 contemporary colors.

Charter Oak Energy Elite Contemporary Color Collection
Charter Oak Energy Elite Contemporary Color Palette
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Ultra-premium colors from the exclusive Architectural Color Collection add exceptional distinction.

Charter Oak Energy Elite Architectural Color Collection
Charter Oak Energy Elite Architectural Color Collection
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Stands Up to Extreme Winds

Stands up to Extreme Winds
A rolled-edge nail hem ensured superior resistance to the shearing force of extreme winds.

Exhibits Superior Rigidity

Superior Rigidity
In strictly controlled laboratory comparisons,Charter Oak remained rigid, while the competition sagged.